Latest Release

The divine tunes that are about to release in 2020 and 2021 are the highly-anticipated major albums the fans are eagerly waiting for.

Tour Dates

13. Jan 2021 - Sydney Opera House

Start the year’s journey with this concert in the land of kangaroos and pious communities.

16. Mar 2021 - London

Book tickets to this blessed night of music and awaken your spirit for a profound experience.

18. Apr 2021 - Helsinki

Finland’s southern capital is ready to witness the holy elements surfacing on its land with this tour.

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Win this exclusive chance to shake hands and share your spiritual experiences with the band members after the concert.

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About Us

A group of musicians who have dedicated their lives to producing music for the spirits, and it has been successfully carrying out its purpose for more than a decade now.

Life is all about diving deeper into ourselves and reconciling with every estranged person in our life. The band has been beating time with their rhythms to invoke the Almighty from paradise to reintroduce peace in the whole world.

Band Members

Susan J. Cannon

Susan J. Cannon

Guitar, Vocals

One of the most integral members in the band has been conjuring up a sense of contentment in every listener with her voice.

Nathan A.

Nathan A.


Feel the beats within your heart as he takes the song to heights and the souls to float in the clouds.

Betty H. Brown

Betty H. Brown


Experience the soul dancing within you when she hits the high note with a bang on the drums with her dexterous hands.

Ronald K. Deutsch

Ronald K. Deutsch

Guitar, Keyboard

Distinct pieces of music ooze out of his instruments to elevate the soothing ambience to another level.

Band History


The genre they excel at is contemporary worship music that creates a holy blend with the flavors of rock and jazz.


The band-members have been performing on stage for over ten years with their talents having been burnished over time. Susan Cannon, Nathan A, Betty Brown, and Ronald Deutsch have been creating magic within the community’s souls with their music.

Latest News

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5 Different Types of Productivity Music to Enhance Productivity

Before we disclose the different types of productivity music that subconsciously aids in enhancing the productivity of a person, it is imperative to understand the true meaning of productivity music.

What exactly is productivity music?

In this stress-filled and the busy world we live in, it is rather impossible to focus on one task, especially when we're forced to stare at the computer screen for long hours. Music is known as the substance which fills the air and sets the tone for any mood. But can it help enhance productivity? The answer is a simple, yes! Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant professor at a music therapy program researched on productive effects of music on the human brain and psychology. According to her research, people who listened to music completed their task five times faster than the ones that did not listen to any kind of music. That said, not all types or genres of music enhance productivity and some are a massive impairment to them. According to a review on reddit and the result of various other researches conducted, sources like offers the best kinds of productivity music that are not only addictive to the mind, but also induces a sense of calmness and peace to the mind and body.

Types of productivity music

  • Classical music: Despite the different ranges present in classical music, based on the country and audience, they're one of the best genres for enhancing productivity. With no unnecessary beats and lyrics, this calm piece is everything that is necessary to enhance a peaceful kind of productivity, especially in the workplace.
  • Nature music: The sounds of birds chirping, thunder, rainstorm, rain, breeze, sounds of the waves of an ocean, etc, the options are endless regarding nature music. According to various studies, the sounds of nature increase concentration and builds the cognitive function of the brain. However, we also recommend the readers to avoid the sounds of bird calls and animal noises as it can be quiet distracting.
  • Epic music: This type of music makes the listeners feel ambitious and flamboyant. They consist of the perfect blend of motivation and inspiration that is good enough to turn a lazy employee or a worker to resume work with motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Video game music: Video game music is specially designed to enhance productivity (inside a game), but not limited to the game. It could be used during work hours when things turn gloomy and lazy. The fast-paced and enthusiastic music is specially designed to maneuver the enemies.
  • Ambient music: They're the kind of music that encompasses a soothing and relaxing feel to the brain, which eases the stress and diverts the attention to the important work right under the nose.

Tips For Learning To Play The Piano

Many people think that you need to start at a young age to learn to play the piano. This is not true. Playing the piano is a skill. And like other skills, it can be learned regardless of your age. Recent studies have shown that adults have an advantage over children when it comes to learning to play the piano. Below are some tips for learning to play the piano that you can start following today.

Forget everything you think you know

There is much wrong information out there about learning to play the piano. So it’s better to start with a clean slate. Learning to improvise on the piano can be hard, but if you are diligent you will surely figure it out in time. Whatever you think you know about learning the piano, everything you’ve heard, it would be best if you can all forget them for a while. As mentioned earlier, many people think that there’s a window for learning the piano, and if you’ve missed it, you won’t be able to learn how to play. This is one of the most prevalent myths about learning how to play the piano and the one that is most detrimental to adults who want to pick up piano playing. So you need to forget about this wrong information. The truth is, it’s never too late to learn anything, and that includes playing the piano.

Be passionate about learning

The reason why children seem to learn faster than adults is because they are generally more passionate about discovering and learning new things. Most adults, on the other hand, have become jaded about life and about learning something new. So to learn how to play the piano, you need to commit. You can see the learning process as some journey. It would be best if you made a promise to continue to move until you reach your destination. You should approach the process of learning how to play the piano with childlike enthusiasm. When you try to be excited about learning to play the piano, you’ll see that understanding the concepts becomes natural. And in no time, you’ll be playing like a pro.

Play with emotions

You need to know how to play with emotions. Your emotions can make a soulless and inspired performance into an emphatic one. And when you play with emotions, you tend to learn faster because you activate a different part of the brain. When you play to express emotions, then a musical instrument such as a piano becomes an extension of you. It becomes the channel through which your emotions are conveyed. You become one with the piano to borrow the zen adage. When you see the piano as merely an extension of yourself, then learning to play it becomes natural and almost second-nature.

Pick up a useful resource

No matter how good you are at learning new skills, it’s still useful to get external help. One of the most important tips for learning how to play the piano is to get external help either in the form of a good piano teacher, a book, or a course. An excellent course or teacher can help you learn to play the piano in a systematic way.

Healing Benefits of Music

Music is the universal language which has always brought people together. It has the unique ability to connect your mind, body, and soul to the universe in ways nothing else can. No matter what music you listen, you only like it because it has healing properties. You can listen to any music you want and embrace the healing benefits to make better changes in your well-being. Music can resonate on a much higher level to stimulate our cognitive comprehension. It reaches directly to the soul and affects the brain in substantial ways. Next time when you listen to music, make sure to open yourself to these healing benefits of music.

Alters the mood

When you are having a bad day, and you choose music to get away from it, the escape from the bad mood happens in minutes. Your body can feel more relaxed, and the mood suddenly elevates to a different feeling. Research shows that different types of music have unique effects on your mood while reducing tension levels and boosting mental clarity. Discover the songs that speak to you and uplift your spirit and grow your playlist to help yourself carry a bright day. Alters the mood

Reduces stress response

Stress is a mental condition which gives you a hard time to think properly. The more you allow it to grow on you, the more you are likely to face multiple complications down the road. It negatively impacts your mood and sense of well-being. Listening to certain types of music can help in reducing your stress levels. Choose the music that encourages you and connect with it for the time being. Keep a playlist always ready whenever the stress tries to creep in.

Increases self-awareness

One should have the right knowledge about self-awareness and discovery for healthy personal growth. When you understand your own self, you discover your true identity, which brings you the joy and peace that this world has to offer. There are different ways of developing this self-awareness, including listening to music. When you feel you develop a taste of music, that is the discovery that you do about your own self. When you feel disconnected from your own self, turn to your favourite artist and let the music takes you on yet another journey of self-discovery. Music strengthens empathy

Music strengthens empathy

Whether you are naturally an empath or not, listening to music helps you develop empathy skills that makes you connect with others on a much higher level. Music lets you see the world from a different perspective, and being an empath lets you see the world from other’s perspective. When both are combines, you are encouraged to look at life with a new approach. You can understand what others are going through and can hear their emotions loud and clear. You feel more connected to nature and humans on a spiritual level.

How to Find Your Spirit Music

We as humans often get stressed about things that make our thoughts cloudy and our motivational levels drop for some time. This is when most of us rely on some good music that can give us hope and a clear idea about reality so we can accept it. There is music that sounds good when it is loud and does not affect us emotionally. Such kind of music is only meant for entertainment and holds no value for your spirit. On the other side, there is also music that we cannot listen to a party but can be a great support to our emotions when we are alone. Such type of music is known as spiritual music or spirit music. Spirit music does not have to be a soothing melody that makes us feel calm and relaxed. Even the most meditative music can disturb someone’s brain if it does not help in making the thoughts get any better. Everyone has a different taste for spiritual music as well. While some people may like to listen to more melodies, others like to connect with the artist through what they sing. Opera is one of the oldest traditional forms of music that connects with listeners on an emotional level. But not everyone can sit and listen to opera as they may not be interested in connecting with the genre at all. It is due to this reason that we suggest everyone finds their own spirit music. There are plenty of genres to choose from, and you can choose the one that brings you back from pain and stress to give you a feeling of clear mind and bliss.

Search for genres

To find your spirit music, start exploring the music genres that are available to you. From trash metal to punk rock, pop music to hip hop, find a genre that helps you give time to yourself when you listen to it. You do not have to stick to a single genre throughout. You can experiment with keeping a list of tracks from different genres and get used to listening to them as a part of your subconscious activity. Search for genres

Connect with the artist

Try to connect with the artists to understand their emotions behind making the music. Develop a state of empathy towards music and try to measure the good weight that music puts into your thoughts. Soon you will start vibing with the music, and your stress levels will automatically reduce whenever you listen to your favourite artists. You will know that you can always rely on your playlist to escape from your stress and relax for some time.

Explore more

Finding your spirit music is a journey of exploring the music of others until you find your own. If you were to be an artist, you would make a melody that would resonate the best with your spirit. It is said that if you leave a man in a forest with a guitar, he will come back with a new melody. So until you find your own tunes, keep up your journey of experiencing different kinds of music.

Step By Step Guide to Start A Band

Building a music band requires more than a group of artists coming together to work on a project. It is a process of understanding each other’s music and connecting in the best ways to form new melodies. Once your band is ready, you can start dreaming of creating music albums and going on tours for your music release. But first, you will need the right plan to build a professional band. Here is a step-by-step process of starting your own band.

Find your bandmates

The first thing that you have to do is recruit new artists who will be composing music with you. A traditional band requires a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a vocalist. Nowadays the bands incorporate more artists like pianists, DJs, synth-players, etc. to work on new-age instruments. The two important instruments you need in your band is a drumset and something to hold down the low end like a bass guitar or synthesizer. Bandmates

Find your sound

The next step you need to take is to find your own sound. Every band has its own unique music, and the best part about it is you will never run out of ideas. Talk to your bandmates about their musical influences and find common ground where you are able to jam better. The most important part of finding your sound is to make sure that your singer can sing it well.

Plan a practice place

You need to find a place where all can keep their band instruments and practice without being interrupted by anyone. It can be your basement, garage, professional rehearsal space, etc. Do not get into trouble due to noise complaints. If you can afford it, rent a room just for your band practice and make it soundproof so you can open up without any fear. Plan a practice place

Start writing your songs

Now that you have your band in place start mixing the melodies and create something new. Start writing your songs and find the motivation in your own lyrics. You can start practising with some of the sample covers that resemble your music to make sure that your brand is getting along. Get the ideas from your bandmates and decide a theme that will help you get started with your own music.

Decide a cool name

Making a band is fun because you get to do exciting things like – deciding your band name. Sit together and explore the possibilities. Remember that your name should be unique and should be visible to the audience whenever they search about you on Google. You cannot keep your name so common that Google starts showing other search results instead of highlighting your name. Think of a cool name that represents the feel and vibe of your band. When Linking Park first arrived, everyone already knew that they have to listen to this band because the name made a big difference to their ears.

The 7 Spiritual Bands/Artists to Listen To

Every now and then you need some songs that can feed your soul and bring positivity to your life. The spiritual bands have been successful in elevating the mood of people and reducing their stress levels with their music. In this list, you will find the all-time famous spiritual artists you can look out for, who talk about spirituality and are keen on finding the true meaning of life through their music. Find their playlists and listen to the best works of these artists where they speak of spirituality, freedom, peace, and love.

Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall is an Americal singer and a songwriter who is inspired by roots, folk, and reggae music. His works revolve around spirituality and life exploration. He released his last album in 2015, named KALA, which he writes in Hawaii and recorded in Los Angeles. Trevor Hall

The Jubalaires

The Jubalaires were an American gospel group that became popular in the 1940s and 1950s. They initially went by the name The Royal Harmony Singers when the released chart songs like Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition. They secured a sport in Arthur Godfrey’s CBS radio show in 1946 with Willie Johnson as the lead.


Odetta Holmes was an American singer, lyricist, guitarist, and actress. She was also a civil and human rights activist and was referred to as the Voice of the Civil Rights Movement. She was an important figure in American folk music in the 1950s and 1960s.

Deva Premal

Deva Premal is a singer, born in Germany, who is known for her unique Sanskrit mantras works. She brought the mantras into the mainstream for the spiritual audience, composed and produces spiritual music with her partner Miten and made her own label, Prabhu Music. Deva Premal

Jessye Norman

Jessye Mae Norman is an American opera singer and recitalist. She is honoured on the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and is also a Spingarn Medalist. She has received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Medal of Arts. She is also a member of the British Royal Academy of Music. Jessye Norman

David Young

David Young is an American musician who is known for his skill of playing two records simultaneously. He was also a member of Celestial Winds with Lisa France who was a harpist. David Young has done several meditation music projects which offers a spiritual connection and easy listening to listeners.

Bob Marley

Known for leading the revolution of One Love, Bob Marley has spoken and sang about spirituality all his life. He's been rated as having the best sounding vinyl albums of all time over and over again. He was a reggae artist and a guitarist who inspired many to follow the part of peace and brotherhood. His works are still famous around the world and is the most famous reggae artist to ever exist.