Before we disclose the different types of productivity music that subconsciously aids in enhancing the productivity of a person, it is imperative to understand the true meaning of productivity music.

What exactly is productivity music?

In this stress-filled and the busy world we live in, it is rather impossible to focus on one task, especially when we’re forced to stare at the computer screen for long hours.

Music is known as the substance which fills the air and sets the tone for any mood. But can it help enhance productivity?

The answer is a simple, yes!

Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant professor at a music therapy program researched on productive effects of music on the human brain and psychology. According to her research, people who listened to music completed their task five times faster than the ones that did not listen to any kind of music.

That said, not all types or genres of music enhance productivity and some are a massive impairment to them. According to a review on reddit and the result of various other researches conducted, sources like offers the best kinds of productivity music that are not only addictive to the mind, but also induces a sense of calmness and peace to the mind and body.

Types of productivity music

  • Classical music: Despite the different ranges present in classical music, based on the country and audience, they’re one of the best genres for enhancing productivity. With no unnecessary beats and lyrics, this calm piece is everything that is necessary to enhance a peaceful kind of productivity, especially in the workplace.
  • Nature music: The sounds of birds chirping, thunder, rainstorm, rain, breeze, sounds of the waves of an ocean, etc, the options are endless regarding nature music. According to various studies, the sounds of nature increase concentration and builds the cognitive function of the brain. However, we also recommend the readers to avoid the sounds of bird calls and animal noises as it can be quiet distracting.
  • Epic music: This type of music makes the listeners feel ambitious and flamboyant. They consist of the perfect blend of motivation and inspiration that is good enough to turn a lazy employee or a worker to resume work with motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Video game music: Video game music is specially designed to enhance productivity (inside a game), but not limited to the game. It could be used during work hours when things turn gloomy and lazy. The fast-paced and enthusiastic music is specially designed to maneuver the enemies.
  • Ambient music: They’re the kind of music that encompasses a soothing and relaxing feel to the brain, which eases the stress and diverts the attention to the important work right under the nose.
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